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No-Privacy for humans only

on the 16th of december 2006, by Larry

Everything I know about studivz sounds like some serious fun, girls, boys, registered to no privacy Inc. That is organized gang rape, if there is such thing.

Still, one thing kept me sleepless for weeks: animal cannot register. will do better, I promise. unlimited online animal dating, free for all! loves horses too

on the 5th of december 2006, by Larry

Riding can be fun, but still for most people there is more to it. It is passion. Passion that gives rise to a somewhat more intense relationship to your horse. Due to legal issues I cannot talk openly here, but there are people in this world who have the guts to do so. Above all that is Germany's biggest and filthiest TV channel, RTL. To our all bliss they set up ApassionatA, a show touring whole Europe celebrating animal love. Some quotes from the website should give you a good idea about what animal fans can expect.

"... verspielt wie eine Frühlingsbrise, heißblütig wie eine Sommernacht, stürmisch wie der Herbst ..."

"Mit über vierzig erlesenen Rassehengsten und den herausragendsten Reitmeistern der Gegenwart ..."

These quotes are in german and as most of us dont speak the language of feces country, I asked the babelfish to translate it:

"... playful like a Fruehlingsbrise, heissbluetig like one sommernacht, stormily like the autumn ..."

"Also over forty Rassehengsten and the most outstanding riding masters of the present erlesenen ..."

Those translators still do suck, but I guess we all got the idea. If those germans are not talking sex there, I listen to 80s disco for 2 weeks. takes over SONY BMG

on the 24th of september 2006, by Larry

My beloved friends from the zoo

I feel quite safe dealing with you in this miraculous proposition because I trust in your good taste and economic sanity. Once again since the foundation of we will be the setters of yet another trend. The overall worthiness of SONY BMG right now is approximately 1.5 billion euro. One share is right now at the price of 32 euros. If only 30 million people would buy one share, they would have more than 50 percent of SONY BMG. So basically the plan is to make other people buy market shares of SONY BMG. sounds like I have some intrests in making the price rocketing? aww

sign my pledge now!!

You can do it! Dont be economic girlyman!

New fetish in town

on the 20th of august 2006, by John

Our community has been struck by a great ball of new kink: Food Dangling. The idea is to, well, dangle food.

Always keep in mind that most of the Food Danglers think that only perverts dangle something other than food, or with some tool other than the mouth.

For you to get the picture: some pictures.

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A community speaks up

on the 1st of july, 2006 by John

We are here finally. We have spent years of cowardly hiding from the public, chased by chrisitians, republicans and even the most liberal democrats out there in the wild.
We had to lie to our neighbours, friends, families, even our wifes and children.
We had to make up stories about our week-long travels to foreign countries and continents, fake some holiday photos, steal towels from hotels we were never even close to.

That is over now. In a weird night we decided we need a lobby. Nobody speaks for us, so we have to do it ourselves. And here we are. Your "nice guy" neighbours, colleagues, relatives, the average animal lover.
Yes, animal lover. We love animals. Everybody likes animals, is pleased to have dogs or cats around him, our children like watching penguins or elephants in zoos or safari parks.
We love them. And they love us. It is an us and them thing, not an S and M thing.

Now what we plan to do here on is giving the world an insight into the animal loving community. We will show you that we are not any weirder than you are, especially as in these times kinky is the new normal. We will just tell you the truth here, in blogs, stories, articles and probably even some games. We will tell you who we are and what we do. Nobody needs to be scared of us, least the animals.

Of course, and even those moralists wishing us dead know that and will agree, we cannot provide evidence, as in most states and countries throughout the world our community is chased and harassed. What we will try to do is telling you the truth without providing evidence.

As of now, we are in process of building up, there will be more content here week by week. I am happy you have read on until here, that probably means you can be convinced to drop your intolerant feelings against me and my people, so I would be glad if you came back in a few weeks and see what has happened here by then.

Sincerely yours,
John Fickzoo